Blue Springs Hunting Club 2016-2017 Rules and Regulations


Dues: $2500.00 per membership.   Husband, wife and children 18 and under living in the same home are all considered members.  Memberships run from June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018.   Dues for the following season are to be paid by January 31, 2018.  Paying memberships will be limited to 10.  

A campsite will be available with non potable water and electricity.  Member must provide their own plumbing and electric fixtures.  By accepting a membership in this club, members agree not to hold property owner liable for damage to campers, vehicles or other property caused by falling trees or limbs.  

Some expenses such as utilities, seed, fertilizer and fuel are estimated in advance. Any expenses not covered by the dues will be split equally among the members.  This will be limited to a maximum of $50 per membership.  All club financial information will be available to all members.   

Harvest Rules

Deer--- Each membership is allowed three (3) does and (2) bucks per season

Bucks- Members are expected to shoot mature bucks.  Each buck harvested must have at least four (4) points on a side and a spread as wide as the outside of the ears.  A member's child may take one buck each season that has three points on a side.  A child second buck must have at least four (4) points on a side and a spread as wide as the outside of the ears.

Does- Any does harvested should be a second year doe or older. No yearlings.

Hogs- All hogs harvested must be in accordance with Georgia DNR regulations.

Turkey- All turkeys harvested must be in accordance with Georgia DNR regulations.

Small Game- All small game harvested must be in accordance with Georgia DNR regulations.

All carcasses will be dumped in a designated dump site.

All harvested game will be weighed, photographed and recorded on a harvest record sheet

General Hunt Club Rules
This is a family oriented hunting club. There will be wives and children present on many occasions. Do not use profanity in the presence of women and children or individuals offended by such language. 

Alcohol intoxication will not be tolerated by members or guests on this club and will result in the immediate loss of membership without a refund of dues in whole or part. 

No littering. Take your trash with you and if you see someone else’s trash, pick it up. 

Keep all gates closed and locked at all times.

All stands must be marked on the map and are open for all members to hunt.  Climbing stands are not subject to this rule.  

Tag in and out of the area that you will be hunting.  No tagging stands for other members not at the club.  Do not tag an area if you will not be hunting.  Tags may be placed the night before a morning hunt.  

Members may take one doe from a stand overlooking a food plot with the use of a firearm. This rule may be waived for all or part of the last week of the season at the discretion of the club president.

Do not drive on food plots unless retrieving game.

No placing corn, peanuts or other feed on food plots.

Do not walk on or around a food plot unless placing scent, cameras or decoys. 

No defacing or cutting any planted pine tree.

No placing of nails or climbing spikes into any tree.

Members may maintain feeders at their expense.

Members must always possess their truck decal while on the property.

No club rule will be changed without the unanimous approval of all members.

Vehicle Rules

The use of gas powered ATV’s will be allowed but please try to use your truck when manageable. 

Vehicles will travel only on designated roads.  No driving on agricultural fields.  

No unnecessary vehicle traffic at night. 

Guest Policy

Members will be allowed to bring a guest at no charge.  Any game harvested will be deducted from the member’s allotted number.

Members will be responsible for any/all actions of their guest.

Guests are not permitted to hunt without the inviting member being present at the club.

There will be no guests from December 1, 2017 through December 10, 2017. 

Dates to be revised yearly.   

Work Days 

The work weekend for the 2017-2018 season will be the first weekend in October. Oct 1st and 2nd, 2016

There will be numerous club workdays scheduled throughout the year. These workdays are scheduled for planting/preparing food plots, clearing roadways, setting stands, and maintaining stands and feeders.

All members are encouraged to participate in these activities.